What will your pet house rabbits need?

So now you’ve decided to get pet house rabbits, you are going to need to create a comfortable and practical environment for them within your home. There are countless ways to do this! It’s entirely up to you and will depend largely on your home and your budget. This said, there are a few essentials […]

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Deciding whether pet house rabbits are right for you

 Before you buy any new pet, it’s really important to find out everything you can about the needs and behaviours of that animal. You will want to make an informed, responsible decision before you make a potentially very long commitment. So to avoid disappointment and causing unnecessary stress to your new pets, lets take a […]

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About me

Welcome to Indoor Rabbits, a site dedicated to providing information and recomendations on why you should have indoor rabbits as pets and how both you and your bunnies can share a fullfilling life together! Why keep rabbits indoors?  It’s a great question, one I asked myself years ago when I first heard of bunnies as […]

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